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Update to Windows 10 now

Nothing is as constant as technological change! You have probably heard this sentence more than once and realize in your daily life that it is indeed true: Whether consumer electronics, means of communication or the various assistance systems in cars - technical improvements are omnipresent and do not stop at our doorstep.

For that reason and based on the large expertise of our specialists, we again and again put our machines and plants on the test rig with the aim to implement technical improvements stemming from new design solutions or the use of new technologies also into existing machines. To do this, we develop field-proven, largely standardised upgrade kits with the objective of making your machine or plant more powerful, easier to maintain, more efficient and/or safer.

Process computer - Update to Windows 10 now

Since February 2020, Microsoft has discontinued support for the Windows 7 operating system. Thus, the security of computer systems with Windows 7 or older operating systems is no longer guaranteed in the long run. Consequently, our K-matic systems must also be adapted to the current operating systems.

For this reason, we offer an update to Windows 10. It also makes sense to update the K-matic programmes for older systems. The older the systems, the more problematic porting to current computer hardware and operating systems becomes.
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