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Kiln car cleaning

Innovative KELLER kiln car cleaning technology

The KELLER kiln car cleaning technology is continuously being developed and we are constantly facing up to the challenges of the market.

The cleaning of kiln cars has a crucial role in production.

Clean kiln car decks increase production output and quality and contribute significantly to a smooth production flow in the plant.

KELLER kiln car cleaning systems - conventional or with robot technology

The cleaning of the kiln cars is carried out step by step.  First, the setting deck is vacuumed off. The setting deck is then placed on a support plate.  After that, the kiln car deck is vacuumed off. Finally, the setting deck is positioned exactly on the kiln car again.

Main advantages

  • increase in machinery availability and production output
  • increased service life due to predictive maintenance
  • flexible cleaning sequences
  • fully automatic adjusting function of the setting deck
  • additional robot travel axis enables greater ranges
  • integration into existing control system
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