Division KELLER
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Software design

Customized solutions

Specialists from the field of automation technology take care of the programming, parameterization and visualization of the systems.

Based on sequence descriptions and mechanical design drawings, a suitable combination of automation components is selected for each project and the sequences are programmed and the drives parameterized. A consistent operating concept on the HMI devices rounds off the concept.

Software design - Creating Solutions

We develop customer-specific solutions in the field of automation and drive technology with Siemens TIA Portal and SEW-Eurodrive.

This distinguishes us

  • Specialists in automation technology take care of all processes
  • Programming in Siemens TIA Portal
  • Parameterization of SEW Drive Technology MOVI-C
  • Visualization of the systems with the Siemens Unified Panel
  • carrying out test applications in the company
  • worldwide commissioning of our software solutions
  • continuous further development of the applications
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