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Industry 4.0

Seamless communication from sensor to Internet is a prerequisite for industry 4.0. From the vision of a "smart factory" with cyber-physical systems and Internet to the real networked industry 4.0 factory implemented by KELLER IMS.

KELLER IMS process and automation engineering - The continuous automation concept from the operational – to the management level

Plant network system

Programming server

  • Central server for all PLC projects.
  • Ethernet allows access to all connected PLC systems.
  • Centralised storage of PLC software and backups make sure that all users can access the current projects at any time.


  • Worldwide remote diagnostics during commissioning or troubleshooting carried out by system experts in Ibbenbüren-Laggenbeck.
  • Remote maintenance performed by the customer's staff during weekends or holidays.
  • The options include process computer operation, PLC programming, data transfer, video and audio transmission.
  • Secure connection through VPN/firewall via the systems infrastructure provided by KELLER IMS.

Data backup and storage

  • Complete data backup of process computers, PLC sources and automatic safety storage buffers from PLC to the central server.
  • History files are backed up at multiple levels. Direct recovery of data or complete system structures on the clients systems.

Wi-Fi network

  • A Wi-Fi network allows wireless programming, troubleshooting and maintenance in the factory.
  • Mobile services with notebook, tablets or handhelds.

Process control & maintenance

Alarm management system

  • Operating and fault messages are texted to a defined number of configured users.
  • Supports message selection, preparation of escalation charts, shift tables, acknowledging of messages, etc.

Maintenance manager

  • Configuration, monitoring and logging of maintenance jobs.
  • Automatic activation of maintenance procedures after time, incident, cycles, etc.
  • Structured data according to machine, plant, factory, etc.
  • Storage of maintenance files.


  • Operational data acquisition for various industries.
  • Acquisition of consumptions, consumables, etc.
  • Acquisition of production volumes, production times, counter readings.
  • Overview of current production by target/actual performance comparison.
  • Preparation of shift-depending production reports and measuring protocols.
  • Recording and filing of collected data.


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