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Robot exchange

Exchange of old industrial robots

Even in high-technology plants, the knowledge concerning upgrades and new technologies is indispensable.

The highly qualified KELLER staff understands how to link their experience with the latest technology. They check recent developments for their suitability for use in your plant on site. In discussing your requirements with you, useful ideas can be found to optimise and continue the development of your plant long before a ‘bottleneck’ appears.

There are many possibilities where our experts could start.

Robot exchange - Fast and effective

Robots have become indispensable in today's world. Thanks to their high degree of flexibility, they are ideal for solving handling tasks.

However, the ongoing maintenance costs should not be underestimated which rise with increasing age due to unscheduled measures such as the exchange of cable trees or individual robot axes. Under certain circumstances, the complete replacement of a robot pays off at time ‘x’, not least in order to be up-to-date in terms of control technology.

KELLER offers the replacement of robots within a very short time and ensures the ongoing function of the new robots without having to re-edit already existing formats. The application is recorded exactly in advance and all necessary calibration points are determined. Then, the robot is exchanged, which is discussed in detail with the customer in advance. The robot is exchanged within one day. Production can therefore already be started after a short time.

The exchange is also possible across brands / with different manufacturers.
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