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Division KELLER

Innovation built on tradition - since 1894

KELLER was founded in 1894.  At that time, the Laggenbeck mechanic Carl Keller developed the finger car, which represented the beginning of automation in the brick industry. With further groundbreaking inventions, KELLER became the global technology leader in the heavy clay industry in the   20th century.  Today, KELLER is a division of the French industrial group Groupe Legris Industries. Other divisions of the group are Clextral (France), Schiederwerk (Germany), Laulagun Bearings (Spain) and MEP Group (Italy).
Based on the core competence of the KELLER division, solutions were also developed for other industries over the course of time, resulting in further business units, which are represented today as follows:
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Bird's eye view of the KELLER company

ICS - Intelligent Clay Solutions

The business unit for the heavy clay sector remains the core of the company and the technological driving force for the brick industry. Here, individual robot applications, customised machine solutions, advanced dryer and kiln technologies and complex plant concepts are developed, manufactured and distributed worldwide.

IMS - Intelligent Machinery Solutions

Based on many years of experience in the heavy clay industry and by using the synergies of the wide-ranging fields of expertise, KELLER creates highly flexible, machine and robot supported systems for industrial handling and palletising processes Innovative control and automation systems meet the today's demand on flexibility and security.

IAS - Intelligent Automation Solutions

KELLER IAS is a specialist in the automation of bulk solids processes. The complete plant control and visualisation of the production processes up to order management is planned and realised here. Especially in the field of automation of grain mills and compound feed plants, KELLER IAS has made a name for itself in Germany and Europe as well as with projects from Russia to South Africa.

ITS - Infrared Temperature Solutions

ITS develops and produces high-precision measuring instruments and application solutions for optical temperature measurement for industrial applications. With its extensive product portfolio of more than 250 different devices and measuring systems, KELLER ITS is one of the technology and market leaders for infrared thermometers and pyrometers worldwide.
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