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Clay column speed

Improvement of the cutting accuracy

Even in high-technology plants, the knowledge concerning upgrades and new technologies is indispensable.

The highly qualified KELLER staff understands how to link their experience with the latest technology. They check recent developments for their suitability for use in your plant on site. In discussing your requirements with you, useful ideas can be found to optimise and continue the development of your plant long before a ‘bottleneck’ appears.

There are many possibilities where our experts could start.

Cutting technology - measuring wheel, measuring roller or measuring band replacement through non-contact laser scanning

The problem - The measurement of the clay column speed by conventional means is usually carried out with a measuring wheel, measuring roller or measuring band, which is installed below but also above or laterally to the clay column and measures its advance by contact and, if possible, in a slip-free way.

Due to fluctuations in the material consistency but also due to applied structures or additives such as sand or engobe, etc., the measurement is falsified by increased slip or a sticking material on the measuring device.

This leads to defects in the product quality, such as an incorrect cutting length, inaccurate position of the chamfer/edge to the cut or bevel cut.

The solution - use of a laser to measure the clay column speed. The measurement is made by non-contact scanning of the clay column advance. In this case, changes in colour, applied structures or additives have no influence on the measurement.

The laser measuring method significantly reduces the cutting inaccuracy.

This allows, for example, to produce a plane brick with a shorter cutting length.  Since less material has to be removed during the subsequent grinding process, the working life of the abrasive is increased.

Laser measurement enables production with a consistent quality, even under changing conditions.
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