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Laboratory equipment

We are happy to support you in setting up your factory laboratory

To ensure consistent product quality, the raw materials and factory blends must be subject to continuous control.

We will be happy to support you in setting up a laboratory for factory production control and provide instruction and training for your employees on the equipment.

For questions and further information, please e-mail us at keramiklabor@keller.de.
Brochure Application laboratory for ceramic raw materials

Setting up of factory laboratories for factory production control - selection and supply of laboratory equipment and measuring technology for process analysis

The equipment is adapted to the required and desired test methods and the end products.

Typical laboratory equipment includes:

  • preparation devices
  • shaping machines
  • drying chambers
  • kilns
  • scales
  • analyzers
  • testing machines
  • measuring instruments
  • tools and accessories

Staff training and coaching

Thanks to our regular worldwide assignments, we have constantly proven expertise and many years of experience in material tests.

Our offer includes:

  • training of your staff in methodology and practical application of laboratory tests
  • supportive coaching
  • joint development of routines for quality testing and control in the ongoing process
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