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CellaControl process control system - efficient, reliable and proven worldwide
The CellaControl process control system from KELLER IAS is used to control/operate and monitor process engineering plants.
CellaControl is based on the standard components Simatic S7 and WinCC from Siemens.
With the modular and scalable architecture of the CellaControl process control system, your entire production process can be automated consistently and safely.
Whether it is the automation of material transports or complex batch processes, the CellaControl process control system offers a solution in almost all branches of industry.
CellaControl makes your plant fit for tomorrow's requirements.

Inventory  management & traceability - continuous data security
New procedures in certification, as well as legal regulations, make it essential for food and feed processing companies to keep a continuous record of their raw materials and products, from delivery through production to the end product.
At any time, the companies must be able to trace the finished product back to the supplier of the raw materials.
In addition to the classic silo management, CellaTrace enables the entire documentation of product processing up to the loose loading of the finished products.
New semi-finished or finished products created from different raw materials in production are precisely logged in the management.
The system consists of a database server based on MS-SQL and several stations, such as in the expedition, the laboratory, the grain silo and the mill control room.
All stations are connected to the server via Ethernet and can thus jointly access the same database.

Quality & laboratory data analysis
The CellaLab laboratory data management system was developed to manage and monitor material analyses.
When raw materials (e.g. grain) are delivered and processed, and when finished products are subsequently made available, material samples are usually taken and analyzed in the laboratory.
The laboratory data determined is assigned to the respective order in the control system and transferred to the CellaLab laboratory data system.
CellaLab can be used as a "stand-alone" solution or in combination with our CellaTrace production control system.
When used with CellaTrace, it is possible to access storage cells directly in the control system. All this information is taken from a common master database, avoiding duplicate entries and inconsistent data.

Production data acquisition
Part of CellaTrace is also a reporting module. Based on a web-based application (e.g. Internet Explorer), this enables the evaluation, display and printing of all production-relevant data.
The software accesses the central database of the production plant.  The group of authorized persons and data can be conveniently set.
The consistency of Keller's CellaTrace management system thus enables a continuous traceability of the finished product to the raw material supplier and vice versa at the push of a button. 

Energy management (ISO 50001)
Energy management in accordance with the globally applicable ISO 50001 standard requires the systematic analysis of energy consumption and the continuous monitoring and optimization based on this. Costs can be significantly reduced as a result.
KELLER IAS offers you the appropriate tools to make and keep your processes fit for complying with the ISO 50001 standard - to protect the environment and your operating expenses.

Maintenance management
To extend the life cycle of your plant and to avoid high downtimes, regular maintenance of your machines is of immense importance.
KELLER IAS maintenance management is more than just a reminder tool for complying with maintenance cycles.  It also detects irregularities in production that indicate weak spots.  This means that they can be detected and eliminated early enough. The productivity of your plant is thus guaranteed.

Truck logistics control - automatically to the delivery note
The electronic truck tanker loading control system from KELLER offers a powerful management system for controlling vehicles and for effective loading on the plant premises.
Vehicle data and movement sequences can be recorded, visualized, logged and evaluated in the control system.
Traffic flow optimization within the plant can be configured according to plant security specifications by the integrated access manager.
Based on the access authorizations via RFID transponder or via order code in the control system, vehicles and persons are granted access to the company premises and building.

Interfaces to the  ERP system
ERP systems for the automated management of all business processes are used in almost every larger company today.
To ensure that the automation solutions from KELLER IAS are optimally integrated into your ERP system, we offer the right interface for all common solutions.

Switch cabinets & control stations
Our excellent software solutions require equally appealing hardware.  That is why KELLER not only plans but also builds the switch cabinets and the control stations.
KELLER IAS - everything from a single source!
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