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Position measuring systems

Position measuring in the transport area

Even in high-technology plants the knowledge concerning upgrades and new technologies is indispensable.

The highly qualified KELLER staff understands how to link their experience with the latest technology. They check recent developments for their suitability for use in your plant on site. In discussing your requirements with you, useful ideas can be found to optimise and continue the development of your plant long before a ‘bottleneck’ appears.

There are many possibilities where our experts could start.

Position measuring systems - electric transfer cars and finger cars

With this technology, electric transfer cars and finger cars can be positioned with millimetre precision. With the right conditions, an upgrade to laser measurement can often be realized.

Our offer includes:

  • Distance sensor
  • Laser distance measurement with reflector (mirror)
  • Profinet interface

Main advantages

  • Travelling distance up to 120 m possible
  • Accuracy up to 2 mm
  • Travelling speed up to 10 m/s possible
  • Easy alignment - no receiver necessary

Position measuring systems - transfer car tracking system for tunnel kiln cars

With this technology, reliable position detection is possible for the transfer car tracking system for tunnel kiln cars. It is often possible to offer such a conversion as an upgrade of an existing plant. The prerequisite is that the conditions of your plant are at the appropriate level.

Our offer includes:

  • Code strip positioning system
  • Reading head
  • Profinet/Profisafe interface

Main advantages

  • Reliable position detection possible
  • Multiple redundancy (2D reading head and two-colour DataMatrix code strip)
  • Large reading window (up to 5 codes are read at once) - contamination/damage of individual codes are therefore irrelevant
  • Travelling distance up to 100 km possible
  • Speed up to 8 m/s possible
  • DataMatrix code strip does not have to be completely replaced if damaged - individual segments can be reordered
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