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Operation with a clear view - our visualization on the machine

Display and operating units are an essential component of plants and machines.  These devices form the interface between staff and machine.  Accordingly, their clarity and user-friendly design are very important.

KELLER specialists in the field of automation technology implement integrated industrial visualization solutions for you with the highest standards of industrial operation, monitoring and control.

You benefit from maximum efficiency in engineering and the implementation of innovative operation with brilliant visualization - directly at the machine as well as for the monitoring of lines and complex plants.

Operation - professional operation, monitoring and control

Our operating panels and control stands are designed to accommodate operating elements such as switches, pushbuttons and signal lamps as well as an operating terminal for displaying operating and error messages.

Advantages of our operating and visualization systems:

  • safety for your employees and machines thanks to fast response times
  • diagnosis and visualization of your processes - informed at all times
  • higher productivity thanks to short downtimes of your plant
  • robust devices for use in industrial environments
  • efficient project planning thanks to coordinated and preconfigured solutions
  • the right solution for any requirement
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