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K-matic family

Integrated automation from the field level up to the management level

Industry 4.0 links the production with the most modern information and communication technology. In the Industry 4.0 factory, intelligent machines coordinate manufacturing processes autonomously, robot-supported handling systems cooperate intelligently with people and transport vehicles perform logistics tasks on their own.

Most applications of the K-matic family KELLER has developed for the heavy clay industry can be adapted quickly and easily for the use in other areas.

With KELLER, Industry 4.0 is therefore within reach for you and your plant. Our automation technology specialists are at your side with help and advice.

Our K-matic family - Industry 4.0

Seamless communication from sensor to Internet is a prerequisite for Industry 4.0. From the vision of the 'smart factory' with cyber-physical systems and the Internet to the KELLER real networked Industry 4.0 factory.

An extensive KELLER portfolio of K-matic automation solutions is available:

Plant network system

  • programming server K-matic-PGS
  • teleservice K-matic-TS
  • data backup and storage K-matic-BU
  • K-matic-WL wireless network

Process control and maintenance

  • alarm management system K-matic-AMS
  • Maintenance Manager K-matic-MM
  • DataManager K-matic-DM

Process control systems

  • tunnel dryer process control system K-matic-CD
  • chamber dryer process control system K-matic-TD
  • tunnel kiln process control system K-matic-K
  • material tracking K-matic-CT

Material processing

  • material preparation K-matic-PREP
  • moisture measurement K-matic-MC

Automation technology

  • creation of a robot setting for setting and unloading stations K-matic-VR
  • modular configuration of setting patterns K-matic -SP
  • energy management system K-matic-EMS
  • wall panel program K-matic-WALL
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