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Industry 4.0

Seamless communication from sensor to Internet is a prerequisite for industry 4.0. From the vision of a "smart factory" with cyber-physical systems and Internet to the real networked industry 4.0 factory implemented by KELLER ICS.

KELLER ICS process and automation engineering - The continuous automation concept from the operational – to the management level

Plant network system

Programming server

  • Central server for all PLC projects in the plant.
  • Ethernet allows access to all connected PLC systems.
  • Centralised storage of PLC software and backups make sure that all users can access the current projects at any time.


  • Worldwide remote diagnostics during commissioning or troubleshooting carried out by system experts in Ibbenbüren-Laggenbeck.
  • Remote maintenance performed by the customer's staff during weekends or holidays.
  • The options include process computer operation, PLC programming, data transfer, video and audio transmission.
  • Secure connection through VPN/firewall via the systems infrastructure provided by KELLER ICS.

Data backup and storage

  • Complete data backup of process computers, PLC sources and automatic safety storage buffers from PLC to the central server.
  • History files are backed up at multiple levels. Direct recovery of data or complete system structures on the clients systems.

Wi-Fi network

  • A Wi-Fi network allows wireless programming, troubleshooting and maintenance in the factory.
  • Mobile services with notebook, tablets or handhelds.

Process control & maintenance

Alarm management system

  • Operating and fault messages for a complete plant are texted to a defined number of configured users.
  • Supports message selection, preparation of escalation charts, shift tables, acknowledging of messages, etc.

Maintenance manager

  • Configuration, monitoring and logging of maintenance jobs.
  • Automatic activation of maintenance procedures after time, incident, cycles, etc.
  • Structured data according to machine, plant, factory, etc.
  • Storage of maintenance files.


  • Operational data acquisition especially for the ceramic industry.
  • Acquisition of consumptions, consumables, etc.
  • Acquisition of production volumes, production times, counter readings.
  • Overview of current production by target/actual performance comparison.
  • Preparation of shift-depending production reports and measuring protocols.
  • Recording and filing of collected data.

Process leading systems

Process control system for tunnel kiln and tunnel dryer

  • A process control system for tunnel kilns and tunnel dryer that is configurable to your needs:
  • included graphic designer- editor for continuous online calculations - history player- extended import and export functions.
  • The tunnel dryer can be controlled by a weekly work plan, machine cycle or pushing time.

Process control system for chamber dryer

  • Individually adaptable diagrams, integrated production planner, storage of chamber loggings, measuring values and messages.
  • Automatic extension and compression of the drying process.
  • Variable chamber start. 
  • Delta-T control for ideal energy utilisation of the kiln exhaust air.

Material monitoring system

  • Presentations of the material flows in the factory.
  • Visualisation and storage of the loggings for tunnel kiln cars, tunnel dryer cars and chamber dryer cars.
  • Integrated history player for graphic analysis of the production process.
  • Markings and comments for cars. 
  • Pre-programming of operational cycles.

Material handling

Material preparation system

Apart from the multiple solutions on the visualisation level, the software modules for material preparation offer an important addition to the KELLER ICS programme. The control and management system comprises a large number of functions, such as:

  • Visualisation of process sequences in 2D or 3D.
  • Acquisition of analogue values of flow, speed etc.
  • Automatic and manual operation of the plant. 
  • Handling, storage and logging of recipes.
  • Targeted analysis of fault messages.

Automation engineering

Creation of robot setting for setting and unloading stations.

  • Graphic creation of setting patterns for robots in the setting and unloading stations.
  • Settings can be easily created, edited and stored. Robot programmes are automatically created from the stored setting data.

Modular configuration of setting patterns

  • Sequence planning with graphic configuration of setting and unloading installations.
  • True-to-scale planning options with full graphic support to create a tunnel kiln setting pattern. 
  • The preset maximum layer widths and pack heights ensure that the operator always is in control of the stability of the kiln car setting. 
  • Configured setting patterns can be saved and stored offline. For production purposes, these setting patterns can be transferred via LAN or Wi-Fi to the setting and unloading installation.

Energy management system

Central system for collecting amounts of energy in the ceramic industry. Subdivision of the complete plant into different measurement areas. Each area is equipped with different meters (current, water, gas, etc.). Integrated computing functions can carry out any number of calculations. Alarm monitoring of counts and threshold monitoring of counter values. Analyses over any review period or as a continuous measurement in the form of graphs or Sankey diagrams. Spatial representation of the counters/measurement spots on installation graphs. Integrated data interface to other K-matic process control systems. Functions to export the analysis data to Microsoft Excel©.

K-matic 4.0

Industry 4.0 links the production with the most modern information and communication technology. Evolutionary development of machine software through the use of Internet technology opens up new ways in the production of heavy clay products. The focus here is on the intelligent, horizontal and vertical interconnection of people, machines, objects and information technologies in real-time for a dynamic management and an optimisation of complex systems. Smooth communication from the sensor to the Internet is a prerequisite for industry 4.0. In the Industry 4.0 factory intelligent machines coordinate manufacturing processes autonomously, handling robots cooperate intelligently with people and transport vehicles perform logistics tasks on their own.

After Sales Service

Production without breakdowns. Actually, even reliable and low-maintenance machinery and plants of the KELLER Division need their regular maintenance service. It has been proven that preventive inspections and planned repairs are more cost-effective than unexpected machine downtimes. The KELLER Division relies on its efficient service team that promises to establish a true partnership with you. We offer you a customer service that is adapted to all the different life cycles of your plant. On a worldwide scale.

  • 24 hours emergency service.
  • Customer care on site in your native language.
  • Professional spare parts management.
  • Continuous support for your installed plant to optimise your production whenever needed.
  • Comprehensive training for your operating staff.
  • Easily understandable plant-specific technical documentation.


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