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Laboratory chamber kiln

Analysis on original products

For detailed tests of the firing behaviour under near-industrial conditions, a gas-fired chamber kiln is available in the application laboratory for tests with dried products.

For questions and further information, please e-mail us at keramiklabor@keller.de.
Brochure Application laboratory for ceramic raw materials

Firing tests in the gas-fired laboratory chamber kiln

Main advantages:

  • firing of the dried original products in the original setting
  • comparable loads on the lowest layers to check for possible deformations
  • kiln atmosphere comparable to the production kiln
  • reduction tests (flashing / permanent reduction) to test possible reduction colours are available.
  • fast firing tests are possible.
  • measurement of the setting temperature on / in the product
  • measurement of the kiln atmosphere (O2, CO, CO2)
  • max. temperature 1,300 °C
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