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Film skiving machines

0.020 mm to 5 mm in top quality

KELLER has been designing and building film skiving machines for over 50 years, which are reliably in use in Europe, North America and the Far East.

This gives KELLER the longest and most extensive experience with film skiving machines in the world.

KELLER film skiving machines owe their high precision and accuracy to the special bearings that ensure an absolutely vibration-free skiving process even with minimum film thicknesses of up to 0.020 mm.

Machine type 8 PT 16

KELLER film skiving machines skive PTFE and other plastics with comparable properties. The proven machine type 8 PT 16 is designed for a maximum skiving billet diameter of 800 mm as well as a maximum skiving billet length of 1600 mm.
In connection with the film skiving machine, KELLER offers a film winding device optimally matched to the films produced.

Main advantages

  • highest precision with lowest tolerances
  • minimum setting size is 0.001 mm (1µm)
  • no mechanical adjustments required in the skive thickness range
  • simple and clear operation
  • easy to install with the possibility of external commissioning
Brochure Film Skiving Machines
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