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Intelligent robot solution for the unlocking of pallet stacks

Pallet logistics is becoming more and more important in many companies. Increasing  requirements on construction sites, resource efficiency, load securing requirements and even internal transport - all of this confronts the companies with new challenges. With a flexible system for handling return pallets, productivity can be increased and the necessary process reliability gained.
To enable an industrial robot to take over this task, a gripper optimized for the application was developed. A sensor detects the orientation of the top pallet of the automatically positioned and interlocked pallet stacks. Accordingly, the gripper takes this top pallet, aligns it and feeds it to a conveyor of the packaging plant. The integrated measurement of the pallet length is an innovation. If the dimensions deviate from the nominal pallet, the pallet is automatically removed. The production process no longer has to be interrupted for this.
Thanks to the flexibility of the robot and intelligent control software, the movement sequences can be easily and quickly adapted to the respective space situation. This also enables subsequent integration of the compact handling solution in many assembly conditions.
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