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Drive technology

Conversion to modern drive technology

Increased demands on flexibility, positioning accuracy, dynamics and energy efficiency require modern drive solutions.

Most existing drives can be converted to modern and low-maintenance servo drives. This may also be done together with a conversion to modern drives, such as toothed belts instead of chains.

However, it should be noted here that a conversion requires careful evaluation. Factors such as cost and compatibility with existing systems should be considered to find the best possible solution for specific requirements.

Drive technology - powerful drive solutions

Precision and positioning accuracy - Servo drives offer very high precision and positioning accuracy. With their fast response and ability to precisely control speed and torque, they enable accurate positioning.

High dynamics - Servo drives are characterized by their high dynamics. They can accelerate and decelerate quickly, resulting in shorter cycle times and increasing productivity.

Flexibility and versatility - Servo drives offer great flexibility and versatility in adapting to different applications. They can operate in a variety of modes, such as positioning or speed control, allowing easy adaptation to different requirements.

Energy efficiency - Modern servo drives have advanced energy efficiency features. They can optimize energy delivery by supplying only the power needed and reducing energy consumption during periods of low load. This helps to reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

Diagnostics and monitoring - Servo drives typically offer advanced diagnostics and monitoring functions. They can collect data such as operating hours, load profiles and fault information to enable predictive maintenance. By monitoring the drive status, potential problems can be detected at an early stage and unplanned downtime can be minimised.
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