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Control system conversions

We modernize your control system to the latest TIA technology

Even in high-technology plants the knowledge concerning upgrades and new technologies is indispensable.

The highly qualified KELLER staff understands how to link their experience with the latest technology. They check recent developments for their suitability for use in your plant on site. In discussing your requirements with you, useful ideas can be found to optimize and continue the development of your plant long before a ‘bottleneck’ appears.

There are many possibilities where our experts could start.

Control system conversions - replacement of PLC control systems

Due to the expiring availability of PLC components of the Siemens S5 series, the operator is often faced with the decision of having to buy used cards without a guarantee of function, or to shut down the machine. New components of the S5 control are only very rarely offered on the market and Siemens has officially discontinued this series.

KELLER has been using the new TIA technology for several years and has the corresponding experience potential. In addition, KELLER has developed new module structures in order to be able to use the new possibilities of the system.  Also, the S5 programs are not compiled, but they are rewritten.

In connection with the latest drive technologies, operating panels and/or also robot control systems, the TIA control system offers the simplest possibilities of data exchange to make the function and operation of the machines self-explanatory.
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