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Innovative KELLER cutter technology for extruded products

The KELLER cutter technology is continuously being developed and we are constantly facing up to the challenges of the market.

In many industrial branches products are extruded today and cut to the requested length.

For this purpose, a variety of cutting and punching systems of manual, semi-automatic or automatic type are available.

Cutter technology for extruded products

Based on its experience, KELLER developed a cutter for such products based on the 'universal cutter' principle, which meets the requirements in terms of technology and investment.

This cutter is a compact machine with a Siemens TIA control system and a box PC, which stores size-related parameters and which allows for adaptation.

Main advantages

  • simple modular design
  • extremely powerful
  • durable and low maintenance
  • excellent accuracy
  • suitable for extruded products
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