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Machine solutions

We make handling efficient

We create cross-industry high tech solutions for industry. Building on our leading expertise in mechanical engineering from the heavy clay industry, our engineers develop highly flexible systems for handling and palletizing processes that contribute to significant process optimization and production cost reductions in a variety of industries worldwide.

KELLER IMS - Machinery solutions

We are experts in intelligent machinery and automation solutions for industrial production processes

Thinking the future with KELLER - KELLER, a traditional company from Ibbenbüren-Laggenbeck,  looks back on an almost 130-year history. We owe our continuous development to our expertise and experience. Technological market leadership, global thinking and action, as well as the development of innovative solutions are the cornerstones of our actions.

For a long time now, KELLER has not only been focussing its activities in the heavy clay industry.

It has always been our claim to develop high-quality machines and plants for our customers on the basis of innovative technologies. This guiding principle, manifested in the corporate slogan “Creating Solutions”, is also the focus and driving force for the business unit IMS - Intelligent Machinery Solutions. We have a particular passion for intelligent handling tasks and palletising processes.

Our core competencies are:
  • cross-industry high-tech solutions for industry
  • sophisticated gripper and take-up systems
  • innovative control and automation systems
  • highly flexible machines and robot-supported systems for industrial handling and palletising processes
  • many years of expertise from the heavy clay industry
Whenever things get complicated and creative solutions are required, we accept the challenge and make every effort to find an optimal solution for our customers.  With the experience and a feeling for what is feasible, the qualified employees develop and design highly flexible machine and robot supported concepts that are optimally adapted to the manufacturing product. We always come into play when standard solutions reach their limits, whether for performance, flexibility or space reasons. Where previously the material was transferred by machine solutions with rigid processes, we achieve higher efficiency and productivity of the production line through highly automated machine concepts and intelligent control systems.

It is important for our work to enter into a constant dialogue with our customers from the beginning in order to fully understand and analyse the handling processes, the automation and machine 
solutions as well as the upstream and downstream process steps. In doing so, we can also find new, holistically optimised ways to solve the task.
As a manufacturer of overall solutions from machine technology, control and automation technology to process visualisation - all from one source - the modules are optimally matched to each other and offer a high degree of flexibility. Thus, solutions from KELLER IMS can be easily and individually integrated into existing production lines. Possible 3D simulations and virtualisation make the solution visible even before the start of production in order to take into account any spatial peculiarities.

We always see it as our challenge to achieve a maximum availability of the plant by a plant concept optimally developed for the product, by the durability of our machines, by short set-up times and low maintenance work.

Gripping as well as the lifting and lowering process is decisive for the safe handling of materials. Sophisticated gripper and take-up systems form the basis for the most different types, dimensions and weights of material handling with minimum space requirements. Thanks to a very extensive portfolio of gripping devices, our machine solutions can safely pick up and set down the most diverse products, such as glass tubes, paint buckets, aerated concrete and sand-lime bricks up to concrete channels. Even for special workpieces with special sizes and dimensions, we always find the right gripping solution. KELLER grippers are not only limited to opening and closing, but can also turn, spread and group the products during handling. In this way, our machine solution replaces some of the additional equipment and machinery that was previously required.

Our range of services is completed by measures and facilities to ensure the safety of production processes, such as the performance of safety audits.

Today, modern handling and palletising technology networks the internal material flow with high production speeds and high precision thanks to positioning and collision control systems. For this purpose, KELLER IMS does not simply develop machines - we solve your material handling with the claim of maximum possible efficiency.
Today, plants and machinery built by KELLER run around the clock all over the world. KELLER machine technology has proven itself especially in rough and demanding environmental conditions, such as in building material production plants.

The company promotes innovations and new developments and takes environmental protection into account in all its activities. KELLER ensures that the high demands it places on itself as well as those placed on it by its customers are optimally met.
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