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Mixing plants

Innovative KELLER mixing plant technology

KELLER mixing plant technology is one of our product segments in which we are constantly developing and meeting the challenges of the market.

The demand for individual brick mixes for facade and paving design continues to grow. As a best practice for these developments, KELLER presents solutions for mixing facing bricks and pavers from different packages so that the processor only has to work from one brick package.

Mixing plants - expansion of the product portfolio

KELLER's mixing systems are capable of forming a 'colorful' package from shipping packages of different colors by means of mixing robots, thus replacing the cost-intensive manual mixing of shipping packages on construction sites.

Production steps

  • Destacking of shipping packages
  • Brick separation and grouping
  • Creation of a reproducible mixing ratio
  • Handling of paper interleaves
  • Empty pallet handling
  • Provision of newly mixed packages
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