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Switch cabinet manufacturing

Individually and precisely tailored

Thanks to our comprehensive expertise, we carry out every work step ourselves. This provides you with the certainty that we carry out the entire order ourselves - KELLER designs, builds and programmes your customized switch cabinet completely in-house.

Our switch cabinet manufacturing department will manufacture your individual switch cabinet based on the electrical circuit diagrams drawn up by our hardware design department.

Only qualified specialists work in our switch cabinet manufacturing department. In order to prevent knowledge loss, we also train our own staff in apprenticeships and trainee programmes.

Switch cabinet manufacturing - open doors for modern systems

We conduct our work in accordance to all valid IEC/EN/DIN standards and the VDE regulations as well as the valid EC directives.

This is what distinguishes us from others:

  • high quality standard thanks to electric testing, functional check and test run
  • end-to-end services from a single source
  • implementation of your specifications
  • application of the end customer's standards, design regulations and specifications
  • qualified specialized personnel
  • IEC EN 60204 - Electrical equipment of machines
  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
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