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Plant accessories

Everything you need

KELLER supplies you with a wide range of accessories and system components for your machinery and plants - from planning to realisation stage - all from one source!

In the building materials as well as in related industries, our technology is characterised by a long service life and low wear and tear under heavy stress.

Machine and Personnel Safety Systems - Machine and Plant Safety

KELLER accident prevention equipment is specially designed for machine and plant safety in abrasive environments.
We support you from the supply of components via the risk assessment through to the CE documentation.
Brochure Safety Solutions

Machine and Plant Cabling - Cable and installation material

Our other accessories include machine and plant cabling for the electrical connection of the machines, equipment and devices to the switch cabinets and the control system.

Testing area - Functional test and test run

In order to increase quality and to avoid malfunctions, KELLER will, if necessary, carry out a functional test of your assemblies or an appropriate test run of your machines and equipment.
If this is the case, you can be present during the test run.

Pedestals and Working Platforms - Machinery and Plant Safety

Machine and personnel safety also means safe access to machines and systems for maintenance work, repairs, tool changes and necessary product monitoring, or to accommodate the operating panel and, if necessary, the switch cabinet.
Under the slogan "All from one source", our platforms, gangways, walkways and industrial railings complement our machine and personnel safety systems.
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