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Gripper technology

Innovative KELLER gripper technology

Simple gripping tasks can be mastered with standardized grippers. However, special grippers with special designs are often required for automated gripping of complex components and for automation tasks outside of this standard.

KELLER's globally proven and innovative gripper solutions handle a wide variety of automation and handling tasks. Whether industrial or gantry robots, KELLER's innovative tools and grippers increase your automation, flexibility, accelerate processes and reduce your operating costs.

The diversity and, in some cases, the uniqueness of the products to be handled require special tools and solutions. We offer you the optimum solution for your application and always keep an eye on the overall costs.

Our grippers are not limited to "opening" and "closing", but can also "open" and "close" your products during the handling or robot cycle. They can also "turn, spread and group" your products during the handling or robot cycle, thus replacing some of the additional equipment and machinery required.

Everything under control - gripper technology from KELLER

With a feeling for what is feasible, our highly qualified employees plan, develop, design and assemble not only the most complex gripping systems. Complete solutions and deliveries including industrial or gantry robots, their assembly and commissioning as well as the associated safety equipment are part of our core competencies. For example, the working ranges of industrial robots can be extended by our linear axes, which are adapted to your application.

Based on many years of experience, we support you with.

  • feasibility studies and simulations
  • the adaptation of new grippers in your plant
  • programming and commissioning
  • delivery of complete solutions, including e.g. the feeding and discharging transport and grouping equipment
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