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Track renovations

Modernization of your track system in the transport area

Even in high-technology plants, the knowledge concerning upgrades and new technologies is indispensable.

The highly qualified KELLER staff understands how to link their experience with the latest technology. They check recent developments for their suitability for use in your plant on site. In discussing your requirements with you, useful ideas can be found to optimise and continue the development of your plant long before a ‘bottleneck’ appears.

There are many possibilities where our experts could start.

Track renovation in the transport area - modernization of your track system

An intact track system is elementary for the trouble-free operation of the plant.

The tracks in the transport area are subject to enormous stresses and should be checked regularly to see whether they still meet the necessary requirements. Worn tracks, unclean track transitions and height differences (e.g. for a chamber dryer) sooner or later lead to excessive wear on the wheels of the transport equipment running on them.

An on-site inspection by a KELLER specialist is the first step in determining the condition of the track system. Due to countless renovations already carried out in this field, KELLER has the necessary know-how and the appropriate personnel to bring your track systems up to standard.
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