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Grinding systems

Optimization of your grinding systems

Nothing is as constant as technological change! You have probably heard this sentence more than once and realize in your daily life that it is indeed true: Whether consumer electronics, means of communication or the various assistance systems in cars - technical improvements are omnipresent and do not stop at our doorstep.

For that reason and based on the large expertise of our specialists, we again and again put our machines and plants on the test rig with the aim to implement technical improvements stemming from new design solutions or the use of new technologies also into existing machines. To do this, we develop field-proven, largely standardised upgrade kits with the objective of making your machine or plant more powerful, easier to maintain, more efficient and/or safer.

Modification - optimization of your grinding systems

Lower brick transport - A considerable amount of work and time is needed to exchange a continuous transport belt. This can be minimized by modifying to 2 external toothed belts.  The transport width is maintained and the brick is transported without distortion. Both belts have a width of 60 mm each. A slot about 70 mm wide is provided in their centre through which the continuous belt can comfortably be introduced and pulled out again. To do this, the drive shaft is divided and movable. This makes it much easier to change the belts, and accessibility as a whole is considerably improved.

Upper brick transport - The upper transport system currently uses a special compound V-belt, which has a long delivery time and a high price. This can be converted to a low-cost toothed belt, which is pressed by single-row pneumatic pushrods to the brick surface. This ensures that the brick is securely carried along and small height differences, such as those caused by brick fragments, can be compensated for.  The belt holding device is mounted on one side and thus allows easy replacement of the toothed belt.

Motors and grinding wheels - In order to meet the increased demands on performance and product variety, existing grinding machines can be converted to modern machines with also more powerful motors as well as larger grinding wheels.  When old motors are converted to modern 30 kW motors, for example, the energy efficiency of the 'endurance runners' can be significantly increased.

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