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PTFE films

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Precise peeling of ultra-thin PTFE films

The steadily increasing demand for high-tech products ensures a worldwide increase in demand for precision films made of PTFE.
KELLER's film peeling machine is used in areas where high demands are placed on the peeled films, such as in medical technology, the automotive industry, solar technology, and especially in communication technology for high-frequency lines and high-frequency antennas. Here, extremely thin foils are required in compliance with the specified tight tolerances.
In order to meet these requirements, special emphasis was placed on the rigidity of the machine during design. The rigidity allows an almost vibration-free peeling process. This ensures the peeling of ultra-thin films from 20 µm with a thickness tolerance of ± 3 µm, and this with peeling probe diameters of up to 800 mm and peeling probe lengths of up to 1600 mm.
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