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Pyrometers for glow strips

Application report on temperature measurement of small objects

Application report filaments

The filament temperature of incandescent lamps and X-ray tubes or the band temperature in electron beam tubes and mass spectrographs is a process-relevant variable for checking radiation properties, investigating ageing effects or for heating control.
In order to be able to measure the temperature of very small objects with modern electrical pyrometers, the lenses of the devices must have very good imaging properties and a high spatial resolution.
In addition, so-called panorama pyrometers with a rectangular measuring field are used to solve the measuring task. A hotter wire is allowed to move anywhere in the measuring field.


  • large portfolio of optical solution variants through a combination of objective lenses and supplementary lenses
  • high-quality multiple lenses for object sizes from 1.3 mm
  • panoramic pyrometer with rectangular measuring field
directly to the application solutions
Application report Measurement from filaments
Temperature measurement of an incandescent lamp CellaTemp PA pyrometer Filament Filament of an incandescent lamp CellaTemp PX pyrometer
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