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KELLER IAS - Automation

We are experts in highly efficient bulk solid processes

The machinery and plant manufacturing company KELLER, based in Ibbenbüren-Laggenbeck, Westphalia, Germany, with an almost 130-year history, ranks among the most significant enterprises in the region. For many years, KELLER has been developing machines, products and solutions of the highest standard not only for the building materials sector, but also for other branches of industry.

"We design the automation technology of tomorrow" - This guiding principle, embodied in the company´s slogan "Creating Solutions," is also the focus and driving force of the business unit KELLER IAS - Intelligent Automation Solutions.

Founded over 50 years ago and repositioned in 2018, KELLER IAS has since evolved into an international specialist in automating bulk materials processes. The entire plant control and visualization of production processes, including order management, is meticulously planned and executed by a highly dedicated team. Particularly in the field of automating grain mills and compound feed plants, KELLER IAS has made a name for itself across Germany and Europe, as well as through projects spanning from Russia to South Africa.

As the business unit's name suggests, the uniqueness lies in the realization of intelligent, digitized automation solutions.  Through learning and self-optimizing processes, the constant aim is to increase production efficiency in new installations and especially in the modernization of existing systems, achieving maximum plant efficiency.

"Fully automated processes and complete traceability" define KELLER IAS's capabilities. An extensive project was undertaken by KELLER IAS at the headquarters of Crespel & Deiters Group, one of Europe's leading specialists in wheat-based products, located in Ibbenbüren, Germany.  About 320,000 tons of wheat are processed here annually into wheat-based raw materials. A new facility was designed and implemented for fully automatic raw material intake and product loading. The focus was on transitioning from earlier analog processes to fully digitized ones. This included:
  • Central integration of data control into the in-house enterprise resource planning (ERP) system
  • Introduction of a digital truck ticketing system for customers and suppliers
  • Integrated control of intake and loading orders via barcode or QR code
  • Vehicle identification through camera systems on the factory premises
  • Electronic issuance or dispatch of delivery documents
KELLER IAS's service portfolio offers solutions for the following industries and products:

Food and beverage industry - Complete plant planning and control technology, including switch cabinet construction, visualization, and process control technology, specifically for the production of loose food and beverage products (bulk materials). The core competence lies in the grain processing industry.

Compound and animal feed or "pet food" industry - Comprehensive solutions from raw material delivery and processing to finished product loading.

General process industry - Automation of dosing and mixing systems in production processes across various industries. Weighing, mixing, and dosing, guided by recipes and completely traceable.

Energy and operational data management - The certified KELLER IAS energy data system offers fully automatic monitoring and recording of energy, production, and consumption data for the entire manufacturing process.

Predictive maintenance management - The core function of the maintenance manager is the time-efficient organization, inspection, maintenance, and upkeep of all tools and installations. It intervenes before a breakdown occurs. Collected data on operating hours, switching cycles, temperature, humidity, vibrations, etc., are used to forecast the upcoming state of the plant.

Service - 24/7 standby service - Competent and personalized support from specialized staff through state-of-the-art and secure remote maintenance technologies.

Spare parts service - KELLER IAS exclusively relies on reputable manufacturers of standardized spare parts. They adhere to stringent quality standards and ensure low risk of failure and high operational reliability.
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