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Dotazník k měření teploty ve spalovnách odpadů

Pro individuální nabídku vyplňte tento formulář. Vaše informace nám pomohou najít nejlepší možné řešení pro vaši aplikaci.

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In which type of incineration plant should be measured?

Other plants

Combustible material

Which combustible material is incinerated in the plant?

Measuring location

At which point of the plant should be measured?

Other measuring point


Measuring object

What should be measured?

Combustion chamber / mounting

Abmessung der Brennkammer in mm

Wall thickness of the combustion chamber in mm

Is there a furnace opening?

If yes, diameter of the furnace opening in mm

Is there a mounting flange?

If yes, dimensions of the flange or holes

Are there heat exchangers in the opposite wall?

What is the pressure in the furnace in mbar?

Other information

Temperaturbereich (von/bis in °C)

Determined by

Ambient temperature at the installation site in °C

Sighting device required?

Measuring device model


More details

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