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Dotazník k měření teploty pomocí radiačních pyrometrů

Vyplňte prosím tento formulář, abychom mohli vybrat optimální měřicí systém pro vaše konkrétní požadavky.

Customer data

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P.O. Box

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In which industry sector will the pyrometer be used?


Measurement description


Measuring location

At which position in the plant should the temperature be measured?

Measuring object


Surface condition

Temperature of the measuring object (from/to in °C)

Size of the measuring object in mm

Distance from pyrometer to measuring object in mm

Is the object moving?

Wenn ja, mit welcher Geschwindigkeit? (kmh)

Is the object always present?

How is the temperature currently measured?

Other temperature measurement

Ambient conditions

Is the object in a kiln?

Wenn ja, wie hoch ist die Umgebungstemperatur in °C?

Is the object visible through a window?

If yes, what is the diameter of the window in mm?


Other heating

Ambient condition

More details on vacuum or pressure

Further details or description

Right-click on the PDF, save it to your PC and then open it with Acrobat Reader. There you can conveniently fill out the questionnaire on screen, send it directly and print it out for your records.

Sighting option

Output signal

I agree that my details from the contact form are collected and processed in order to answer my enquiry.

Other digital interface

Signal processing

Should the measuring values be recorded?

Is there a central data recording?

More details

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