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  • Range: 300 to 2500 °C
  • Focusable, interchangeable optics allow for precise distance adjustment
  • Precision lenses with broadband antireflection coating
  • Signal processing: PROFIBUS DP

Target sightingMeasuring rangeLensFocus areaDistance ratio
through-the-lenslaser spot light
1000 - 2500 °CPZ 15.030,6 m - ∞40 : 1
300 -1300 °C0,3 m - ∞


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GSD file

Demo program S7

Stationary Pyrometers

CellaTemp® PZ 15 -PROFIBUS DP-

CellaTempPZCellaTempPZ Profibus
CellaTemp® PZ 15 was specially designed for glass industry applications to detect glass surface temperatures ranging from 300 to 2500 °C. The sensor works at a specific wavelength (4,46 - 4,82 µm) at which it will detect infrared radiation down to a depth of < 1 mm. In this spectral region, the accuracy of the temperature reading will not be influenced by product thickness, nor by water vapour or carbon dioxide fluctuations in the atmosphere.
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