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  • Range: 500 to 2500 °C
  • Focusable, interchangeable optics allow for precise distance adjustment
  • Precision lenses with broadband antireflection coating
  • LED display is easy to read from a distance
  • No mechanical moving parts, thus wear-free
  • USB interface

TypeMeasuring rangeLensFocus areaDistance ratio
500 - 2500 °CPZ 20.010,4 m - ∞210 : 1
PZ 20.030,2 - 0,4 m200 : 1
PZ 20.061,2 m - ∞310 : 1
PZ 20.050,2 m - ∞55 : 1

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Portable Pyrometers

CellaPort PT 130

CellaPort PTCellaPort PT AmpelCellaPort PT OptikenCellaPort PT Appl1CellaPort PT Appl2
The CellaPort PT 130 is a digital pyrometer for non-contact measurement of temperatures ranging from 500 to 2500 °C. The sensor detects infrared radiation at a short wavelength which yields extremely accurate temperature readings for metals. The target can be focused either by through-the-lens sighting or with an LED spot light for target marking. The pyrometer features a rear panel display and keypad. Parameters such as emissivity, measuring range or smoothing constant can be adjusted directly at the instrument. The LED display will show parameter adjustments made using the keypad. In the normal operating mode the display indicates the current temperature reading.
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