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  • Non-contact, non-wearing temperature measurement of molten metal from a safe distance
  • Range: 650 – 1700 °C
  • Rectangular measurement area ensures reliable temperature data even when pour stream position varies
  • 3 focusable lenses for distances starting at 0.3 m
  • Special filter captures IR radiation from surfaces free of slag and oxides
  • ATD automatically identifies the target and detects its temperature
  • Dual wavelength technique provides accurate data despite dust or steam in the sight path
  • Parallax-free imaging with diopter compensation
  • Traffic light status indicator in the viewfinder shows when distance to target is ideal

TypeMeasuring rangeLensFocus areaDistance ratio
650 - 1700 °CPZ 20.010,4 m - ∞45:1 / 230:1
PZ 20.061,2 m - ∞75:1 / 375:1
PZ 20.080,3 m - ∞30:1 /150:1


Portable Pyrometer

CellaCast PT 183

string(19) "01_CellaPort_PT.jpg" CellaPort PTstring(27) "02_CellaCastPT183_Appl1.jpg" CellaCastPT183 Appl1string(27) "03_CellaCastPT183_Appl2.jpg" CellaCastPT183 Appl2
The CellaCast PT 183 was specially designed for mobile temperature detection of molten metal. This handheld pyrometer can capture a metal stream poured from a foundry ladle or discharged from a bottom-pour ladle. The challenge of this temperature measurement application: the position of the pour stream varies with the tilt angle or pouring nozzle of the ladle. The CellaCast PT 183 features a rectangular measurement area. As long as the moving target remains some-where within this rectangular area, The CellaCast PT 183 captures the pour and produces an accurate temperature reading. The CellaCast PT 183 is also ideal for temperature detection of molten metal as it is transferred from the melting furnace to the pouring ladle
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