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  • faixa oscilante ajustável e velocidade
  • temperatura entre -30 a 3000 ° C (dependendo do pirómetro)
  • função de rotação automática
  • saída de status para monitorar as funções
  • interface RS 422
  • CellaScan software para gerar um perfil de temperatura

Technical data

Oscilando espelho PZ 20 / X

Scan angle for PZ 20/X AF 5:
to ±14.4 ° (without flange)
to ±10 °    (with flange)
The scan angle decreases when additional accessories such as an air purge are mounted.

Scan angle for PZ 20/X AF 6:
to ±23 ° at 28.5 mm clearance diameter. The scan angle decreases when additional accessories are mounted.

Angle resolution :
0.014 °

Scan speed:
1.1  220°/sec adjustable

Status signal output:
Open collector output to mirror operations status

Trigger input:
Activates mirror rotation to prolong service life of the motor

Transmission of the protective glass:
0.6  -  2.2 μm
1  -  14 μm
Analogue input (optional):
0  to 20 mA
(for serial data transmission)

Interface (optional):
RS 422
to communicate temperature
and target position data. 
galvanic isolation
19200 Baud 8N1

Ambient operating temperature:
0 to 60 °C

Air cooling with oil-free compressed air;
hose nozzle R1/8“ for hose with 8 to 9 mm bore.

Storage temperature:
-20 to 70 °C

Power supply:
20 - 27 V DC, approx. 300 mA 
Ripple ≤ 200 mV
(without pyrometer)

Approx.  80 x 151 mm


19-pin flange connector for supply voltage and interfaces

12-pin flange socket for mounted PQ / PZ pyrometer

Approx. 1.0 kg

Protection :
IP 65 according to
DIN 40050 with protective window and screwed-on connectors

Adjustable parameters:
- Scan angle
- Scan speed

- generate graphic images 
  showing temperature plotted 
  against time or measurement 
- select scan direction
- set parameters



Oscilando espelho PZ 20 / X

Espelho oscilante com função de scanner pode ser montado em um pirômetro CellaTemp. Desvia a radiação emitida a partir do alvo para reconhecimento de ponto quente ou a medição de objectos alvo finas.
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