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Keller has engineered the CellaPort, a new hand-held pyrometer for mobile applications based on the CellaTemp PA, a series of stationary pyrometers launched two years ago.

The new CellaPort series comprises 9 basic models which cover a temperature range from 0 to 3000 °C. The Optix is available either as a single-wavelength or as a dual-wavelength ratio pyrometer.

The variety of models and versions provide maximum versatility to service a wide range of non-contact temperature measurement tasks. These include standard applications in industries such as steel, ceramics, food and asphalt as well as specialty applications such as glassmaking, flame heating or molten metal temperature detection.
The CellaPort is unique in that it features focusable, interchangeable lenses with a standard M42x1 screw-threaded lens mount. The user can choose from a variety of objective and auxiliary lenses. Just like with an SLR camera, a simple exchange of the lens adapts the CellaPort to targets as small as Ø0.3 mm or to distances of 20 m and more.

The precision lens of each model is tailored to the specific measurement wavelength. The CellaPort features a lens system which is optimized for both the visible and the infrared spectrum, providing superior image quality. The „size of source effect“ can be a significant contributor to error. Thanks to the patented optical lens design, however, the CellaPort is extremely little susceptible to this effect.

The CellaPort is equipped with through-the-lens, parallax-free sighting. The measurement spot in the field of view is on the exact same optical axis as the radiation path. The target as seen in the viewfinder indicates the exact size and position of the measurement which eases focusing. Turning the focus ring of the lens adjusts the pyrometer to the required distance, anywhere from 40 mm to infinity, depending on the specific lens. The ocular features widened interpupillary distance, making it suitable for users who wear glasses or a helmet.

The dual-wavelength pyrometer is available with either a circular or a rectangular measurement spot. The rectangular measurement area greatly facilitates the capture of small, moving targets. With CellaPort, it is easy to manually aim at objects such as thin, swaying wires.

As a two-colour pyrometer the CellaPort produces very reliable temperature data even when dust, steam or a dirty lens might significantly obstruct the instrument’s line of sight. Signal Attenuation Monitoring (SAM) is a function which identifies whether the amount of infrared energy detected is sufficient to produce reliable temperature data. If measurement is not possible because the target object is too small, too far away, or there is too much steam or dust obstructing the sight path, SAM will prevent the pyrometer from generating a false temperature reading. A traffic light status indicator, integrated in the viewfinder, also tells the user when, under the existing conditions, the distance to the target will not permit temperature measurement. 

The CellaPort is extremely simple to operate. Thanks to ATD (automatic temperature detection) function, the pyrometer starts measuring as soon as you switch it on and point it at the target. After a few seconds the measurement stops automatically. An audible alarm indicates the end of the measurement. The pyrometer shows the correct temperature reading at the display.

All CellaPort models feature a USB interface. The CellaMevis software, which is supplied with the pyrometer, provides a real-time graphic image of temperature, saves the data for further analysis, and enables remote operation. For prolonged temperature data logging, the Optix can be mounted on a tripod and the data can be continuously transmitted to a PC.

The user can custom configures the CellaPort with emissivity settings for up to 10 different material constants. This enables quick instrument adjustment to the specific radiation properties of the material being measured.

With its extremely rugged aluminium enclosure and immunity to electromagnetic interference, the CellaPort is perfectly suitable for use in harsh industrial environments.

KELLER HCW GmbH - Division MSR 

Albert Book
Division Manager
KELLER MSR Infrared Temperature Solutions
Tel.: + 49 5451 85320


CellaPort, the new hand-held pyrometer series

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