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Timber gluing

Glued laminated timber

Temperature measurement: bonding timber laminations.

Timber laminations are planed and sorted after the drying process. Then they are cut to the required dimension and glue is applied on their flat sides. They are now piled up, forming several layers, and are pressed together. The glue is heated up with microwaves to dry quickly. The highest adhesion of the glue is given at a drying temperature of approximately 70 °C. The adhesive layer has a thickness of approximately 1 mm.

Measuring procedure

Measurements with insertion probes can only be made sporadically. Ideally, the temperature should be detected and monitored continuously during running production. Only such a procedure guarantees a constant temperature which can also be documented, if required.
ZoomInfrared thermometer PK with supplementary lens
Infrared thermometer PK with supplementary lens


The non-contact pyrometer CellaTemp PK(L) 11 is an appropriate device for this temperature measurement. It captures the infrared radiation of the object to be measured in milliseconds from a safe distance and it continuously calculates the measurement value on the basis of this radiation.

The infrared thermometer is optionally available with our without target marker. The LED spot light shows the exact target size and the correct measuring distance.

A supplementary lens can be attached in front of the device to detect very small measurement areas. The measurement value is legible on the large, highly-luminous display from a distance of several metres.

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