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Batzenabschneider und Mehrdraht-Abschneider

Cutting and punching technology for heavy clay products

Product sizes:

  • Facing bricks DF, NF, etc.
  • Common bricks 2 DF, 3 DF, etc.
  • Pavers
  • Other ceramic products

Working method

  • continuous

Cutting system

  • Vertical cut: Wire cut (soft extrusion)
  • Vertical cut (stiff extrusion)

Additional equipment

  • Additional length measuring device (when shorter bats are cut, e.g. when starting the extruder – shredding function)
  • Effective output: The output depends on the bat length and the clay column speed. The bat cutter does not determine the output.

Technical features

  • Sturdy welded steel structure serving as base frame
  • The clay column is forwarded on a sliding conveyor made of synthetic material.
  • The drive elements are maintenance-free.
  • The cutter is equipped with a wire breakage monitor.
  • The acceleration belt is a part of the cutter.
  • The drive can be equipped with frequency converter control.

Application examples

  • The bat cutter works together with the multi-wire cutter.
  • The clay bat cut by the bat cutter is accelerated, thus forming a gap to the clay column. The clay bat can then be forwarded transversely into the multi-wire cutter.

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