ITS » Tools » Messfeld-Kalkulator
Supplementry lens:
Focus range: mm
Length of the graph: mm
Measuring distance (mm)0244872961201441681922162402642886.00 mm
Measuring distanceSpot diameter
0.00 mm24.00 mm
12.00 mm23.28 mm
24.00 mm22.56 mm
36.00 mm21.84 mm
48.00 mm21.12 mm
60.00 mm20.40 mm
72.00 mm19.68 mm
84.00 mm18.96 mm
96.00 mm18.24 mm
108.00 mm17.52 mm
120.00 mm16.80 mm
132.00 mm16.08 mm
144.00 mm15.36 mm
156.00 mm14.64 mm
168.00 mm13.92 mm
180.00 mm13.20 mm
192.00 mm12.48 mm
204.00 mm11.76 mm
216.00 mm11.04 mm
228.00 mm10.32 mm
240.00 mm9.60 mm
252.00 mm8.88 mm
264.00 mm8.16 mm
276.00 mm7.44 mm
288.00 mm6.72 mm
300.00 mm6.00 mm


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