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  Client Address
P.O. Box  
City Code, City*  
Contact Person*  
In which industrial sector should the pyrometer be used?  
Description of the measurement

If possible, send some
pictures or drawings to
or per fax to
+49 (0) 5451 85412
Measuring point
At which position in the plant should the temperature be measured?  
Target object
Description of the surface
(rough, oxidized, etc.)  
Temperature range of target
(from/to in °C)  
Target size of the object in mm  
Distance between pyrometer and target in mm  
Is the object moving?     
If yes, at what speed?  
Is the object permanent presented?     
What measurement technique is employed up to now?  

Other measurement technique  
Ambient conditions
Is the object inside a furnace?     
If yes, what is the ambient temperature in °C?  
Is the object visible through a window?     
If yes, what is the diameter of the sighting window in mm?  
If yes, what is the material of the sighting window?  
Heat source  

Other heat source  
Details of the surrounding environment atmosphere  

Particulars to the vacuum resp. pressure  
Specification of the instrument
Type of pyrometer  

Sighting device  

Output signal  

Digital interface  

Other digital interface  
Signal processing
Should the measured values be recorded?     
Is a central data recording existing?     
Additional details or description  


Questionnaire for radiation pyrometers

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