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CellaTemp® PKL 29

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The CellaTemp® PKL 29 is equipped with a special UV blocking filter, thus avoiding that the measurement is affected by daylight. This pyrometer also responds in a substantially less sensitive way to reflective external radiation from nearby hot objects than conventional devices working at short wavelengths. Therefore, the CellaTemp® PKL 29 can be used for a variety of applications in the metal-working industry and, in particular, for temperature measurements of aluminium and bright metals at low temperatures. Thanks to the UV blocking filter, it is also suitable to measure processes where diodes, Nd:YAG or CO2 lasers are used for heating. This high-energy laser radiation does not affect the measurement.
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TypeMeasuring rangeFocus areaMeasuring field
180 - 1200 °C0.29 m6.2 mm

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