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TypeMeasuring rangeLensFocus areaDistance ratioMeasuring field
550 - 2500 °CPA 41.010.2 m - ∞190 : 1
PKS 21.011.08 m
PA 41.050.12 m - ∞100 : 1
PZ 41.180.033 - 0.045 m50 : 1

Stationary Pyrometers

Infrared thermometer
CellaTemp® PKF 36

string(16) "01_PKF26_LWL.jpg" PKF26 LWLstring(30) "02_CellaTemp_PK_Bedienfeld.jpg" CellaTemp PK Bedienfeldstring(23) "03_CellaTemp_PK_LWL.jpg" CellaTemp PK LWL
The electronic unit of the CellaTemp® PKF 36 is separated from the measuring head. A fibre optic cable transmits the infrared radiation to the electronic unit. The measuring head is eligible to use in ambient temperatures up to 250 °C without needing auxiliary cooling systems. The fibre optics version is also used in confined spaces or powerful electromagnetic fields. The fibre optics cable can have a length of up to 50 m.

Caution: The fibre optic cable must be ordered separately (see "Optical Accessories")!
PGB-Nr.: ---
Mechanical accessories
Electrical accessories
Optical accessories


  • Temperature range from 550 to 2500 °C 
  • Fibre optics cable with a length up to 50 m possible
  • Precision lenses provide high optical Resolution 
  • IO-Link interface
  • All parameters adjustable by control keys on the sensor or via interface from the plant control 
  • Test function to be activated by control key or control signal 
  • Easy installation thanks to M30 screw thread mounting
  • Bright high-intensity LED display

More information about IO-Link:

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