CellaView is a Microsoft SQL server-based database software running under Windows designed for real-time graphic display, analysis and storage of the measurement readings. Monitoring, remote control and configuration of the pyrometer are additional features of this software. The CellaView software can be used for the CellaTemp PA and CellaPort PT series.

The following components are required and installed if not present with:

• Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (x86 und x64)
• SQL Server Compact 4.0 SP1
• Windows Installer 3

Click the install button to install the required components and run the application.



If you connect the pyrometer to the PC via the USB interface, you first need the PL2303 Prolific driver. You can download the USB driver here. After download, install the Driver

User manual



If a CellaView installtion version without Internet connection required  you can download the zip file.

DL NameSizeLast modified:
1061121 CellaView2 V2.1.1.0 Multilang 14.02.2019 SW 40 AF 1.zip 72 MB 18.02.2019 11:53:22
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