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Pyrometer series CellaTemp® PA

The stationary pyrometers of the series CellaTemp ® PA offer the right solution for many applications. The wide-band mirrored and parallax-free precision lenses provide the very good imaging properties for measuring spot sizes from 0.1 mm. High-resolution signal processing allows very large measuring ranges with simultaneous high temperature resolution. Equal light sensors stand for high reliability and long service life.

Pyrometer series CellaTemp® PK

Pyrometer series CellaTemp® PZ PROFIBUS

Measuring systems

To solve application-specific measurement tasks, we recommend the use of a complete measuring system designed especially for the application, consisting of the pyrometer, a mounting combination designed for the requirements of the measurement condition, and other electrical accessories.

Pyrometer series CellaPort PT and Mikro

Our portable pyrometers help with rapid diagnostics and accurate temperature measurements in different applications for point-to-point measurement from small or large distances.

Series CellaSwitch (Infrared temperature switch)

for fast, non-contact and wear-free detection of hot objects