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Why actually IO-Link?

IO-Link is a standardized communication technology. You let the sensors and actuators do the "talking". Simply plug in the cable and off you go. IO-Link is a digital point-to-point communication device that can "understand" any fieldbus. Sounds simple? It is! IO-Link is a long-term investment, innovative and economical!

Reduce your costs

Configurable sensors and actuators reduce the variety of types required. This cuts back on complexity when purchasing and saves space in your warehouse.

Realize innovative machine concepts

Smart devices need continuous communication with each sensor and actuator to realize their full potential. This expands the possibilities for developing more innovative machinery and systems.

Shorten commissioning times

IO-Link communication runs using unshielded cables and uses industry-standard connection plugs. This saves time and hassle when replacing a device.

Increase the productivity of your machinery

IO-Link devices identify and configure themselves automatically. This simplifies replacement of defective components and reduces downtime to repair machinery and systems.

Revolutionize your maintenance and repairs

Intelligent IO-Link devices provide functions for self-diagnosis. This enables new, predictive repair and maintenance concepts.

Advantages of the IO-Link interface

  • Standardized manufacturer- and fieldbus-independent interface
  • Cost-effective and simple point-to-point connection with standard cable
  • Low wiring costs
  • Easy commissioning
  • Interference-proof data transmission
  • Automatic parameterization with central data backup
  • Full transparency down to the lowest field level
  • Systematic diagnostic concepts
  • Plug & Play device replacement

Open, system- and company-independent communication interface

  • Internationally renowned standard according to IEC 61131-9
  • IO-Link consortium with all leading control unit manufacturers
  • Unified system description of the communication and device properties in the IODD device description file
  • Certified IO-Link hardware components

Simple configuration and integration

  • Can be integrated into all common fieldbus and automation systems
  • Quick project planning and easy plant documentation
  • Any combination of analog and IO-Link devices in a plant control
  • Downward compatible - IO-Link devices can also be operated in standard mode (SIO) as conventional sensors with switching or analog output
  • Existing wiring can continue to be used

Simple, fast and reliable commissioning and maintenance

  • Simple point-to-point connection - low wiring costs
  • Unified and "error-free" wiring with standard cable with M12 plug (Plug & Play)
  • Simple and error-free sensor change
  • Avoidance of a wrong device replacement due to unique device identification in the vendor and device ID
  • Avoidance of error settings since parameters are stored in the master and are automatically transmitted while device replacement
  • State-oriented maintenance and targeted service calls
  • Minimal effort for troubleshooting
  • Modern, cross-manufacturer tools for commissioning
  • Minimal typology and storage

High operating safety

  • Tamper-proof since fault settings can be excluded by the operator
  • Direct, central fault diagnosis (wire break, short circuit, etc.)
  • Retrieval of diagnostic data for preventive maintenance, servicing and repair and thus reduced risk of failure

Easy parameterization

  • Central parameterization and storage of the configuration data
  • Dynamic parameterization during operation for adaptive plant control during recipe, material or tool change reduces downtime and increases flexibility and production diversity
  • Automatic sensor parameterization, Plug & Play with device replacement
  • Easy duplication of parameters

Secure and consistent digital communication

  • Process data, diagnostic data, device information, and configuration parameters
  • EMV-technically interference-free measured value transmission with 24 V signal level and protection by checksum
  • Consistent communication from the lowest field level to the ERP system
  • One sensor for several measured values and switching points
  • Worldwide remote servicing and teleservice down to the lowest field level

Cost savings

  • Reduced installation and wiring effort
  • Saving of analogue input cards through the use of standardized fieldbus connection groups

Industrie 4.0

Pyrometers with IO-Link interface

CellaTemp® PK/PKF/PKL and PX series

The devices of the CellaTemp® PK/PKF/PKL and PX series are equipped with the new IO-Link communication interface according to IEC 61131-9. IO-Link is considered one of the most important prerequisites for the fourth industrial revolution (Industrie 4.0).

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