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Special features:

  • Windows-based multiple-document interface (MDI user interface)
  • Microsoft SQL Server Compact-based database
  • Graphic display, recording and logging of measurement data
  • Unrestricted selection and combination of the measurement readings to be recorded and status information of up to 31 devices in one or more diagrams
  • Simultaneous start of any number of diagrams to record series of measurements in parallel
  • Configuration of the cycle duration for data logging and independent archiving
  • Parameter setting, calibration and remote control of the pyrometers
  • Storage of defined parameters sets to allow quick re-setting when production parameters or the radiation characteristics of the target have changed
  • Filtering function to reduce data volume
  • Automatic device search
  • Permanent connection monitoring
  • CellaCast function records and immediately analyses periodic production processes with predefined parameter sets incl. result log
  • Saving, loading and transferring of configuration profiles of the devices
  • Automatic archiving of the series of measurements
  • Tamper-proof storage of the series of measurements
  • Optional data storage in CSV format for subsequent handling in Excel
  • Zoom, scroll and analysis functions
  • Cursor to display the temperature and the time on the measurement curve
  • Very fast data recording (milliseconds)
  • Logging of user entries in a log file to check for configuration changes
  • Download and software update via Internet
  • No license restriction
  • Runs under Windows 7 / 8 / 10
  • Available languages (DE, GB, FR, IT, ES, PL, RU, JP, CN, KR)

CellaView software

CellaView is a Microsoft SQL server-based database software running under Windows designed for real-time graphic display, analysis and storage of the measurement readings. Furthermore, it is used to monitor and to configure the pyrometer and to operate it by remote control.

The CellaView software is included in the scope of delivery of the CellaTemp PA and CellaPort PT series. It is available for download on our website.

The configuration parameters can be saved and easily transferred to other devices. This is very helpful for servicing to provide the service technicians with data for testing purposes.

The software may be installed on any number of computers to have access to the data at all workplaces where they are needed.

The user himself defines the measurement values, status parameters and configurations parameters in a chart. A combination of the raw data and the recorded data is possible to analyse the effects of configured functions, such as a smoothing function or peak picker.

The measurement values of the connected pyrometers can be displayed online as a graph chart in a joint series of measurements or in separate series of measurement.


Modern MDI based user interface

The main feature of the Multiple Document Interface (MDI) based graphic user interface is that several documents can be opened simultaneously in one program window. The documents are displayed in separate windows.

These windows can be positioned at choice and their size can be changed. This allows simultaneous working in several documents without having to re-start the program several times.

Series of measurements of up to 31 devices can be recorded in parallel.

CellaCast function

The CellaCast function offers another autonomous way to record and evaluate series of measurements together with the ATD (Automatic Temperature Detection). The ATD function in the pyrometer automatically detects the temperature of discontinuous process and, at the end of the measurement, transfers a temperature value via its interface to the software.

For production processes, e.g. in foundries, the CellaCast function offers a selection of pre-defined parameter sets to re-configure the pyrometer quick and easily to suit various materials, admissible temperature ranges or measuring conditions.

The measurement record shows the number of measurements within and outside of the defined temperature range, including the waste rate.

Depending on the preselected configuration, one series of measurements and one measurement record is generated for each order, customer or production batch. The data can easily be filtered and accessed with the archive function and the selection parameters order number, customer number, batch number and designation.

Archive function

The series of measurements are stored in an archive database. This ensures structured data storage and permits easy sorting and selecting of the stored data series. All storage parameters can be filtered in any order to find and load the relevant archived data quickly and easily


Pyrometer networking via RS 485 interface

For bus wiring, up to 31 devices can be connected via RS485 interface to a computer.

The measurement values of the connected devices can be displayed and stored together in one diagram or in individual diagrams.


USB interface connection of the pyrometers

Several pyrometers can be directly connected to a computer via USB without any problem.

The series of measurements of stationary and portable devices can be recorded and combined in parallel as required.

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CellaView software


Measurement data recording and remote control of the pyrometer

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