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Until recently, foundries and steel mills employed measuring immersion thermometers to detect liquid metal temperature. With this method, a probe is immersed into the molten metal bath and must be replaced after every measurement. Not only do the running costs of these consumables contribute to a plant’s operating expenses – the immersion technique has other drawbacks as well. The accuracy of the data can vary greatly because the temperature is subject to the depth and location of the immersion.

To provide an alternative, KELLER MSR ITS engineered a stationary infrared thermometer CellaCast for detecting liquid metal temperature without contact or mechanical wear. The system captures the molten pour stream just as the mould is being filled. The system records a temperature for each pour and thus for each cast object. For more flexible use Keller MSR also provides a hand-held device.

CellaCast is unique in that is features a special analysis and filter function. The instrument recognizes the metal surface free of slag or oxide. It only factors in the infrared radiation captured from these pure areas to produce a highly accurate temperature reading.

Another technological innovation of CellaCast is the rectangular measurement area. Capturing the molten pour within the rectangular area greatly facilitates targeting from a distance. This also ensures that the molten stream is captured every time even when its position varies, such as when the angle of the pour changes. 

A traffic light status indicator, integrated in the viewfinder of the hand-held device, also tells the user when, under the existing conditions, the distance to the target will not permit temperature measurement. 

The CellaCast PT 183 measures temperatures from 650 °C to 2400 °C which covers the entire range of applications involving ferrous and non-ferrous melts at foundries and steel mills.

Albert Book
Division Manager
KELLER MSR Infrared Thermometer Solutions
Tel.: + 49 5451 85320


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Zur Zeit sind leider keine Downloads verfügbar!


Non-wearing temperature measurement of liquid metal