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All-over data integrity

New Food safety regulations and certifications have induced food and animal feed processing plants to tightly monitor and maintain records of their products at all stages of production, starting with the raw material supply up to distribution of the end product.

Feed and foodstuff manufacturers must be able to trace the final product all the way back to the supplier of the ingredients that went into it.

In addition to standard silo management, CellaTrace can document the entire processing operations up to and including bulk loading and packing of the final product.

The system keeps records of newly produced semi-finished and end products which consist of various raw materials.

The system consists of a database server based on MS-SQL and several terminal stations such as the dispatch office, laboratory, grain silo and the control station of the mill.

All stations are connected to the server via Ethernet and thus can access the same database.

Laboratory information

Simplified analysis

CellaLab was developed as a data management solution for laboratories to monitor samples and support product quality control.

When the raw material (e.g. grain) is delivered, processed and afterwards provided as final product to the truck loading, generally a sample is taken to the laboratory for testing.

The laboratory analysis data is dedicated to the particular batch within the management system and entered into the CellaLab laboratory software.

CellaLab can be used as a stand-alone solution or Integrally with our CellaTrace process control system.

When used together with CellaTrace, you will not need to define the products and the process cells in CellaLab, since this data will be communicated from a mutual master data base, thus preventing double entries or inconsistencies.

Report module

What you see is what you get

The traceability system is enhanced by the CellaTrace report module. This program, based on a web application (e.g. Internet Explorer), facilitates the analysis, graphic display and a printout of production relevant data.

This software can access the central plant site database. The group of persons authorized to access this data can be defined.

At the push of a button, Keller’s CellaTrace system enables complete and continuous traceability, so that the finished product can be traced back to each raw material that went into it and vice versa.


Manufacturing Execution System CellaTrace

CellaTrace facilitates the implementation of a traceability system for tracking and verifying data throughout the entire production flow.
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