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From 0.02 mm up to 5 mm in prime quality

Plastics Technology (PTFE Film Skiving Machines) made in Germany

Whenever precision is required, you will always score well with KELLER IMS 

KELLER IMS film skiving machines skive PTFE and other plastic materials with similar characteristics from 1,600 mm long blocks down to a thickness of 0.020 mm. The two welded supporting units of the machine are mounted on a stable base plate and are connected through a tension rod, forming a frame-like and warp-resistant structure. The main drive spindle, with flanged gear motor, is located in one supporting unit. The other supporting unit contains the hydraulically-operated clamping spindle. A servo feed drive system moves the knife bar on high-precision guiding rails between the two supporting units.

The machine can be equipped with an adjustable supporting block when smaller skiving widths are processed. Special bearings, both in the machine supporting units and in the supporting block, guarantee a precise guiding system that works totally free from play.

State-of-the-art control system

The KELLER IMS film skiving machine is equipped with two operating elements. A manual operating unit for the setup operation is provided in the area of the machine supporting unit. This manual operating unit allows for the control of all functions that are necessary for the insertion and tensioning of the skiving mandrel. The second operating unit, with integrated touch panel, is located on a pivoting arm on the supporting unit containing the drive spindle. Together with the control system, this operating unit allows for a maximum variety of adjustment options for the machine. For example, films can be skived continuously from 0.02 mm up to (depending on the customer‘s requirements) 5 mm. The minimum adjusting variable is 0.001 mm. A hand-wheel is installed on the operating surface. This steplessly operated hand-wheel is used to preset the set value of the skiving speed. The control system offers the option to skive according to preset parameters. This means that, for example, a film thickness and a film length are preset and the machine then independently processes the order. The two operating units allow for the optimum handling of the machine both for setup, e.g. inserting the skiving block, and during operating, e.g. when changing the skiving speed or the film thickness. An extension of the control system giving better repeatability of the film by product-related skiving and reeling programmes is also possible.

Setting standards worldwide 

The knife bar which holds the high-precision cutting knife is positioned between the two supporting units. The knife bar consists of a heavy, almost vibration-free steel structure resting on high-precision guide rails. Knife bars and knife bar holders are adjustable to each other. An adjustment results in a change of the setting angle between knives and skiving round blank. The scribing knives, which are attached to the knife bars, can be pneumatically controlled. A hydraulically operated pressure bar is attached to the knife bar. This pressure bar is sitting on linear steel guiding rails and helps to provide constant conditions during the skiving process. The knife bar with the knife itself is advanced by ball bearing spindles with pretensioned and play free nuts. The spindles are driven by two precision worm gears that are connected to a servo motor through a coupling shaft. The speed of the drives for the skiving block and the drive of the knife advance are determined by the manually preset skiving speed on the touch panel. The control system contains programmes which, with a given skiving speed and film thickness, calculate the necessary speed for the two servo drives in relation to the diameter of the decreasing thickness of the skiving block and pass this information to the drives.

KELLER IMS has been designing film skiving machines for more than 50 years. These machines are working reliably in Europe, North America, Japan and China. Therefore, KELLER IMS can look back at long and most extensive experiences with film skiving machines worldwide. The high precision of the KELLER IMS film skiving machines can be largely attributed to their special bearings, which guarantee an absolute vibration-free skiving process even with the thinnest films down to 0.02 mm.

Apart from the standard types of the 5 PT series with a maximum skiving length of up to 1,600 mm and a skiving block diameter of 500 mm, we also supply, on request, narrower or wider types (up to 2,000 mm) and types with other skiving block diameters (up to 800 mm).
Additional equipment such as
• gap monitoring in order to protect the knives against accidental contacts between skiving knives and skiving block
• use of laser devices in order to facilitate the adjustment of the knives
• hydraulic knife clamping units for a fast exchange of knives
can be integrated into machines without difficulties.

Perfect film reeling

Together with its film skiving machine, KELLER IMS also supplies film reeling equipment which perfectly matches the skived film. The film reeling equipment contains a dancer unit whose pre-tensioning force can be continuously preset on the operating panel. The speed of the reeling drive is ideally regulated in relation to the position of the dancer roll. With thicker films, the film is tensioned and reeled using a torque control system. The film tensioning unit is followed by guide rolls, a semiautomatic stretch roll and a reeling unit. In the reeling unit the skived film is reeled onto winding sleeves. The winding sleeves are clamped into a holding device. Bearing caps hold the tensioning device in position and allow the film reel to be easily removed from the machine. An operating panel is installed in the reeling unit containing all relevant components necessary for the operation of the film reeling equipment. The film reeling equipment can be operated with a variety of additional devices, e.g. separation of the skiving tensioning force from the reeling tensioning force or the reel centring device.

State-of-the-art and economically efficient grinding

Accident prevention equipment, such as photoelectric cells, pull cords and emergency OFF switches are an integral part of this machine to protect the operators from the skiving knife and rotation devices. The comprehensive accessories also comprise a knife grinding machine to grind the film skiving knives. This machine allows grinding the skiving knives to individually preset angles.



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