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KELLER ICS Dryer Technology

Chamber dryer

KELLER ICS chamber dryers are always used when the customer needs individual drying times. The cut, punched-out or pressed green products are at first put on special drying pallets. These are loaded on dryer cars and are then fully automatically forwarded into the individual drying chambers. The drying process of each dryer car can individually be controlled by the dryer control system.  After drying, the products are removed from the drying pallets, and the setting plant transfers them to the kiln cars.

Tunnel dryer

KELLER ICS tunnel dryers are always of advantage when the customer requires mainly uniform drying times.  Depending on the layout of the whole plant, the products are either travelling through the dryer on special dryer cars or they are placed directly on kiln cars that take them both through the tunnel dryer and through the tunnel kiln.

Since the early 1990s, KELLER successfully uses an ECORAPID tunnel dryer. The name stands for economic and rapid, meaning economical and rapid drying.

The rising energy prices also forced the heavy clay industry to steadily increasing stringent requirements as to the economic efficiency of machinery and plants. KELLER ICS has taken this as an opportunity to develop a completely new, highly-efficiency dryer: the Paraflow dryer.

Its name derives from the words parallel and flow: parallel flow. It describes the parallel flow of air and longitudinal flow within the setting. This new dryer type works highly economically - but at the same time its pioneering ecological concept and the improved quality of the dried products makes it a convincing choice for the customers.


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